Proven Showing Techniques

You have hired a real estate agent that you are comfortable with, you have a sign in your front yard, and now a potential buyer is coming to see your home. The agent’s job is to present your home in the most favorable manner possible. It should be understood that you and the agent are a team that must work well together if you are to reach your mutual goals. Your objective is to make your home as presentable as possible before your agent arrives. The following is a list of proven techniques that will make your home show better.

Beautifully staged bedroom interior design in show home
Beautifully staged bedroom

CLEAN – Wash and wax floors, have the carpet cleaned, wash the windows and blinds, make sure the drapes and lighting fixtures are clean and eliminate all odors. These are all justified moving expenses that help you obtain top dollar.

KITCHEN and BATHS – Eliminate clutter and sanitize the area. These two rooms sell more homes than all the other rooms combined. It could be assumed that these two rooms eliminate more offers than all the others.

STORAGE – Box up any unnecessary items and put them in storage. Clutter makes a house look small. Open it up by removing any unnecessary items.

BEDROOMS and CLOSETS – Make sure all beds are made. Closets should be free of clutter, neat and orderly.

FURNITURE – Less furniture makes a room appear larger. Often a decorator is required to make a home show ready. A slight change in furniture placement will often make a room appear larger or increase its traffic flow. Your home is decorated to fit your lifestyle. Buyers may need to see a home differently to understand how it could fit their lifestyle.

Cleaned and repaired walls
Cleaned and repaired walls

WALLS – Wash or paint walls to insure that no scratched areas exist. If a buyer has the option of moving into a house that requires no work versus a house that requires even a slight amount of repair, the choice is obvious.

LIGHTS – The rule is turn them on. Open blinds. The objective is to make your home appear as light, bright and open as possible.

PETS – Do not introduce your pets to a potential buyer unless you plan to leave them behind. Pets are lovable distractions that will prevent a buyer from concentrating on your home’s benefits.

YARD – Mow and trim. If your yard has bare spots, seed it as recommended by your local garden supply dealer and keep it watered. Trim bushes. Stand at the street and examine your house and yard as if you were a prospective buyer. Be critical, the buyers will. You only get one impression with a buyer, make it count. Don’t forget the backyard and patio.

GARAGE – If you are following these proven techniques you have relocated several items to the garage. It is time to make the final decision and discard any item that you have not used for a year.

REPAIRS – If you don’t want to spend your time and money to get them done, do you think somebody else will volunteer to do the repairs for you? Unless you are selling your home as a fixer upper make sure that a prospective buyer will not view it as one.

Follow these suggestions that have proven successful over time and your home will show well. A home that shows well – sells well.